Friday, December 10, 2010

Tryton vs OpenERP: From internet Part 1

If you are going for the other direction (other than Django)I would really recommend tryton and keep the hell away of openerp. Tryton is really open source. openerp is just like compiere, openbenbravo and many others: "Was truly open source" than, came the money!!
We made the change a while ago. I took a lot of work. Spare yourself this trouble. Go Tryton!

From Pim Vergalen on


  1. Again, you are creating FUD on OpenERP.

    As far as I can see, and I contributed to OpenERP, it's fully open source and community driven. Just have a look to the comunity activity on Launchpad which is great (bugs, merge proposals, translations, etc): Same users are from the OpenERP company but they all work together with the community.

    It's a shame to see such a FUD on OpenERP to promote tryton, your product.

  2. I've been at several "opensource places", both as developer, implementor as end user. Every project has it's flaws, as a lot of commercial products have. Yes OPenERP isn't perfect. It aint for everybody. Yes, you need professional support or knowledge to make succesfull use of it. But, to agressivly rant a project, ran by a commercial company or not, is a dark pit. I therefore hope this website isn't a start of a new trend, hardening fights between OS projects in general. STOP THIS, BE FRIENDLY, GET A LIFE, GET OVER YOUR HURT EGO!

    1. I don't know either of you... but I'm new to openerp and I appreciate both positive and negative feedback posted about it (same with almost anything that I use or adopt).

      I came here looking for info after I searched for OpenERP problems. The reason I started for searching for OpenERP problem is because OpenERP has too much hype and documentation about v7 is either too scarce or too disorganized.

      Some rants are funny.. but your response to this guy's rant is funnier :D (and Im creating a funnier or more weird response now)

      If this guy's info is not valuabe enough, his rants would just get ignored and his site will die a natural death.

      Considering it's been 2+ years already since you guys posted the info here (assuming the comments have not be edited), the "rant" in this site must been valuable enough for readers.

      I personally value end-developer input. No selling please, leave the pitching and good points to the product vendors.

  3. We've been working with Alfresco and it's opensource and people say it's good...BUT, if we want to be a smart ass, we would say Alfresco sucks...but again, you get it opensource and in some cases free and you complain?

    Alfresco worked great for us at the and and so we hope for OpenERP as well...

  4. you are joking right???

  5. No FUD, openERP is opensource, upgrade scrpits are not. So people, particulary non-profit organizatiosn low budget got stuck in a version not being abre to upgrade without a big budget.

  6. Ranting about a pure manifestation of sharing and contributing to the humanity is just pure ignorance! Go and work for GOOGLE or maybe MICROSOFT! Are you qualified!