Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The OpenERP effect: Richard's Success, are you kidding?


Just take a look,

First, when you integrate a new application in a company, employees are happy if it is like before but faster but changing nothing in OpenERP because the slides don't talk about developments then employees are totally unhappy if you are using standards OpenERP views. They don't want to change they way they work.

If you integrate OpenERP like in the slide 26, you need to have a bridge with the other applications (then there is a cost)

BI module? Where do you have a nice BI module in OpenERP? This is just an unfinished buggy module

Can you do in OpenERP what you do with Outlook? Where? Why does OpenERP creates an Outlook plugin then?

Replacing Isabel? How?

These slides are just commercial but not showing real life, just post your comments about them...


  1. Well, this is my take on that: baloney.

    OpenERP is a toolkit more than a finished product. Whether Richard implemented well or not, whether people like the screens or not, we can build pretty much anything in OpenERP a lot faster than building it from scratch.

    That's not to say OpenERP doesn't have its issues. It can be a real bear unless you take some time to make it do it what it's supposed to do.

    But, to take the efforts of hundreds of people to provide an open source and free toolkit and say that it's no good because some people may not be motivated to implement it well is just not very reasonable.

  2. Completely agree with you.. All this is marketing bullshit that OpenERP SA is usually busy doing

  3. As a developer, I hate salespeople. Salespeople blow sunshine up everyone's asses to make a sale. But, when the proverbial poopoo hits the fan, it's not the salesperson who gets crapped on. It's the development staff.

    Been there; done that. (FYI, salespeople hate it when I'm attending one of his/her/their sales presentations. I cut through the BS within minutes.)