Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From Twitter: about OpenERP license issues with Fedora

 refused in  because of license issue  and one more copyright/license issue

and one more license issue for  with  



  1. There are a number of really poor licensing decisions on the part of OpenERP. My company is evaluating several ERP platforms, and OpenERP v6 was doing well until this was found in the web client Javascript code:

    " All names, links and logos of OpenERP must be kept as in original distribution without any changes in all software screens, especially in start-up page and the software header, even if the application source code has been changed or updated or code has been added."

    Needless to say a company that has no Europeans in it (our clients are all Thai) want to see OpenERP's stupid Twitter links or looks at the OpenERP logo on every screen when they have no idea who OpenERP is or how to communicate with them in English.

    Our plan was pretty normal for open source support companies: brand the package as the *client's* software system. Had we chosen OpenERP and had they an actual open source community we would have been investing our development efforts back into the project. This simply will not happen now and we'll have to create or find an alternative.

    Eventually a serious community will coalesc around a promising ERP system that actually is open source and leave silly projects like OpenERP in the dust.

  2. You are right, that is very stupid issue...it could cause lot of problems in non english speaking zones...