Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OpenERP Webinar 1/5 Part 1

How was the first Webinar of OpenERP for version 6. Well, as usual Fabien Pinckaers goes fast into the menus (maybe scared about bugs).
During the questions session, I've tried to ask some questions to Fabien.
My first question: The calendar view in the GTK client is still limited to the number of records.
For example, imagine a customer with 2000 records in the calendar, he saw only the 80 first or 100 first in version 6. To see every records you need to remove the limit but then the system is so slow.
I've asked my questions 3 times without answer and then I was obliged to do a kind of spamming to have an answer.
The answer: The calendar in version 6 is still the same...
My opinion: Then if you want a real calendar use oultook...
My next question of the webinar 1/5 in my next post.


  1. That problem is well known (https://bugs.launchpad.net/openobject-client/+bug/553973), though the limit affects only the current+last months. That is, if you have more than 80 records on two months you won't see all the items, but if you just have 20-30 records per month you won't ever face this problem.

    About the speed: On 5.2dev we (at Pexego) got to optimize it a lot (an order of magnitude) and proposed a patch here that also solves some bugs with recurrent entries: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openobject-addons/+bug/530681 (patch: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/50493768/calendarimp.diff)
    But the patch was never applied and the bug is still open on 6.0dev... :(

  2. Well it's effectively bad news that 'the calendar in OpenERP 6 is still the same' ... we've previously had a problem with the vertical scaling of the calendar view when we were implementing a time schedule for a physician with OpenERP 5, see http://bit.ly/9ZjIqX. It was not possible to adjust the vertical scaling in a way that would allow to have, say 50 very short events (5-10 minutes) within a certain time period (office hours). I'm wondering whether this will be resolved with OpenERP 6.