Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OpenERP Webinar 1/5 Part 2

Well, after the answer to my first question, I've tried to ask another question.

Fabien showed an auto-completion for every many2one fields in OpenERP but as always in the demo there were only few records but how is the many2one showing the auto-completion with 10000 records starting by a when typing the letter a in the many2one. Querying 10000 records in the database?

After asking this a few times, I had no answers then I simply suppose that he never tested it...

After this second question, I simply quit the Webinar because he was only answering to some questions and the difficult ones, just skipping them...


  1. Just an OpenERP consultant, but you are not honest with us, I don't like to speak with a ghost.

  2. You're not obliged to come on my blog.

    Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and denotes positive, virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness along with the absence of lying, cheating, or theft.

    Not saying my name, doesn't mean that I'm not honest...

  3. I don't consider autocompletion performance to be such a problem: you can do it on the background, and you can use a delay before start searching (so if the user continues typing you don't do a query per character). If Google could do it for the web search, it is feasible to us too.
    But of course there are several implementation details that must be handled (delay, minimum number of characters to autocomplete, objects subject to it...) for it to work properly.

  4. I am a bit surprised by this blog.

    The return we had on the webinars was very good. We had 246 attendees and I got several mail to thanks for the presentation. Just have a look on the tweet that
    talked about the webinar.

    But, clearly, the role of the webinar is not to answer to all questions from everyone on OpenERP. It's impossible in one hour, I got too much questions so I
    was able to answer only about 30% of the questions I got. I focused on the most interesting for everyone. Sorry if I missed yours, it was not my intention I should have missed lots of others too.

    Here are the quick answers to your two questions:
    1. the new auto-completion feature works efficiently for 10000 records. We made a system that waits 2 seconds of inactivity before loading the list. The list
    is limited to 10 records so that it's not slow for big lists. Also, we published a blog that explains that the speed is not very dependent of the number of records as our complexity is max in O(ln(n)) for every object. (very few dependant of the number of records)

    2. the calendar in GTK filters to 80 records by default (for one month). What I replied you during the webinar is that this is a choice for speed improvements (the goal is not to render 10000 meetings in one month.) but you can change this limit on the action through the menu: Admin > Low Level > Actions > Window Action. or in the search view directly.

    I also don't undersand your way of communicating. If you are not satisfied with OpenERP, work with us to improve it ! We all know they are still lots of things to do to make it perfect. We made a big step forward with V6 but we need to work with the community in order to continuously improve OpenERP.

    But frustrations, like yours, are never the source of a growth or an improvement. I suggest you to work on launchpad with us, you will get better answers than complaining like this.

    I will not reply to future and anonymous attacks on this blog. Join us on launchpad is you want to help us make things improve.

  5. Thanks for the answer about the auto-completion
    For the answer about the calendar view, I'm not very happy about it, a real calendar needs to be dynamic and the records needs to be loaded when you change the day or the month... (like the openerp web calendar view)
    I'm on launchpad...
    And I'm already working to improve it but...

  6. The gtk calendar view for OpenERP 5.0 was a cool feature but limited compared to the calendar view of the web client. The problem is the component we use for the gtk client.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  7. How come you delete my comments? Why do you open an anonymous blog and seem to dislike anonymous comments. How can you claim to be honest?

  8. Sorry you were in the spam folder...
    But your posts are not relevant to the blog, if you are disappointed create your own blog...

  9. If you are disappointed create your own ERP...

  10. improving OpenERP is a bigger challenge than creating a newer

  11. Happy that someone has come forward to expose what the truth is.... which is often hid behind the heavy marketing of openerp...

    Keep going....

  12. I sure do hope some good will come out of this blog, meaning, i hope you spend more time on launchpad then here, I know Fabien is quick on the webminars, but he has one hour to cover so many things

  13. The OpenERP developers seem very defensive. Instead of spending time defending the product, why not spend the time to listen to and hear what the critics are trying to communicate?

    And as far as working with the community, what about accepting patches? That's part of what working with the community is about.
    And what about sharing documentation? Its so utterly painful working without documentation. The documentation for most of the modules is no more than a stub and code comments are as rare as hens teeth.

    The calendar in OpenERP is a joke compared with the quality of the rest of the system. It should NOT be in a "stable" release version (unless of course OpenERP were a Microsoft product in which case it would need to be there to make up the quota of broken and anoying things). Don't release things as "stable" when they're still in the concept phase (which the calendar most definitely is).

    Good work, The OpenERP Developer, for setting up this blog. All you ever hear about OpenERP is how fantastic it is (some of which is deserved) but you never hear about the limitations (some of which are very severe).

  14. "...we need to work with the community in order to continuously improve OpenERP."

    Start with a public one knows where openERP is going.

    And to speak about community is a bold statement...where is it? look at the unanswered questions on forum...where are the powerusers? Selling their services?

    OpenErp may be open but not for all...I only see community on Fabien's words....the rest is a bunch of people testing the product and other bunch trying to sell "services"...

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